About Us

Welcome to No Seasons, where passion, experience, and a deep appreciation for the hospitality industry come together in every sip. Founded by Theo Castillo, a seasoned professional brewer and bartender with a background at renowned breweries like J Wakefield Brewing in Miami, FL, and Grimm Ales in Brooklyn, NY, along with the invaluable partnership of Jack Wiener, a hospitality industry expert who has a lifetime of experience in restaurants, alcohol distribution and sales, and brewery operations. 

No Seasons is more than just a place that brews exceptional beer.



The story of No Seasons is one that began as a dream over a decade ago when Theo first delved into the world of home brewing. It's a journey that started in his hometown of Miami, FL where he enmeshed himself in the Miami beer scene and worked his way to becoming the Lead Brewer of J Wakefield Brewing. During his time leading the production team at JWB, Theo focused on exciting new releases that would attract massive lines and sell out in hours. He also worked on bringing in hundreds of breweries from around the world and thousands of fans for their yearly Wakefest celebration, and helped brew some of the highest rated beers on Untappd. His passion and work ethic led him to the heart of the craft beer scene in Brooklyn, NY where he joined one of  the best production teams at Grimm Artisanal Ales. While in NYC, Theo honed in his skills and was a part of winning back to back brewery of the year honors  in NY State and multiple individual awards for their beers. Theo is now back in Miami to bring his dream to life of creating a brand that encompasses his two passions of people and beer™.

No Seasons is not just about brewing beer; it's about celebrating the incredible people who make the hospitality industry what it is. It's about unity, collaboration, and a shared love for the craft. It's about shining a spotlight on the diverse and dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to bring you the perfect pour, the warmest service, and the most unforgettable experience.